The question isn’t what does Roe mean at 40. The question is who is the new Roe?

In 2013, the new Roe is fighting to keep the only clinic open in Mississippi. The new Roe is in Steubenville, Ohio, fighting for the right to decide when, how and with whom to have sex. The new Roe is 15 and is wondering if he will get suspended for distributing condoms in his high school. The new Roe is 16 battling parental notification laws in 38 states. The new Roe is 17 and pleading with HHS to stop denying her access to emergency contraception. The new Roe is 27 and is on Medicaid demanding that she be given the means to make decisions about her body and her family — whether that means to raise another child or to have an abortion. The new Roe has a female partner and is denied the right to parent in Florida.

Liberation and self-determination is the story.

Kierra Johnson, Choice USA Executive Director

Read the whole thing at the Huffington Post:

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